FAQs – One Half of Two

One Half of Two is an On DEMAND Production. This is not a live stream. It has been pre recorded so you can watch at your leisure!

How Do I Book a Ticket?

You can buy a ticket for One Half of Two on The Cockpit website. https://www.thecockpit.org.uk/show/one_half_of_two

How Do I Watch Once I Have Bought my Ticket?

When you purchase a ticket you will receive a booking confirmation. In your confirmation it will say CLICK HERE TO WATCH ONE HALF OF TWO. This link will not be live til 1st of May.

How Do I Select A Cast?

Once the link in your booking confirmation goes live you will be able to select your cast. Right before you watch!

Which Day Can I Watch The Link?

The link is live from midnight on the 1st of May. You have all week to watch! On any day, morning or night up until midnight on the 8th of May.

Can I Buy Multiple Tickets?

You can buy more than one ticket! However, the booking confirmation will be sent to the ticket buyer and there will only be one link.

How Long Is The Show?

Great question! So far it’s looking like 75-90 minutes.

Will there be an interval?

There will be! The screen will go black with an interval message and last up to a minute. If you would like to pause and go and make a cup of tea please do! If not, the second act will play through.

How Will It Be Filmed?

We are filming our show using 4 cameras and a vision mixer to call between the shots. That way you get front row seats!

Do You Get The New Writing Donation?

We do indeed!

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